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Allison + Kyle | A Reception Introduction

August 20, 2011 :: Gram’s Backyard in Harrisburg, PA

This wedding was a little different than your typical wedding: First, the bride was Ben’s sister, Second, it was a 9:00am wedding and third, we wanted to do a concept film.

This is the first concept film – EVER! So what is a concept film? A concept film is a film that is more than just a highlight of the day – it is scripted and tells a story. This particular story is suppose to be a ‘Flashmob’ style wedding. Basically, the groom is bored and comes up with the idea of ‘Let’s Get Married!’ He texts his Bride – his Bride agrees – texts all of their friends and family and within an hour – the wedding is happening!

We spent a few hours the day before rehearsal and the rehearsal day doing some shooting and then we did some shooting on the day of the wedding – we spent the afternoon on the wedding day editing – then we took this film to Allison + Kyle’s Late Night (9:00pm) Reception and showed it before they were introduced. Their actual introduction follows the film.

Key roles in this film included: The Bride, Allison, The Groom, Kyle, The Father of The Bride, The Grandmother of the Bride & one of the Groomsmen.

Considering this was our first, we were a little nervous about how everyone would react – in the end, the reaction was well worth all the sweat, tears and stress!:)Enjoy!


Here are some cinema stills from the concept film:



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